DIYRE Colour 500 Series Part 2

Now that the build was complete (see previous post here) it was time for the testing. Our two brand new pre amps slotted nicely into our Midas L6 500 series chassis. In order to get an idea of the sound for the CP5 pre-amp and the optical disrupter colour module we carried out comparison recordings on a range of different sound sources.

For each instrument we recorded a sample at the four settings that can be seen below. Starting with no colour and then adding in the colour at three different levels. For the purposes of this testing, once we had a suitable level for the sound source we didn’t then change the level going in when we added in the colour module. To get a true idea of what the CP5 and colour module could do we did not use any EQ or extra plugins.





The CP5 has a very clean, smooth sound to it and provided a great starting point even without adding in the colour.

For the drum kit, as we increased the colour it began to compress and deepen the sound of the kick, making it sound much larger. Although the effects of the optical disrupter are subtle, it does a nice job of rounding out the sound and making the kick tighter. 

When recording a DI bass we often find it lacks any body, but when we used the colour module we were instantly impressed by how much it added to the bass.

The optical disrupter also sounded nice for acoustic guitar and vocals, as it has a soft attack it didn’t compress the source aggressively. 

After a day of testing out the CP5 on a variety of different sources we were really happy with what we were hearing. 

The colour module is our first piece of outboard effects and is a strong favourite for bass and kick, where you can turn it up full without emphasising any unwanted frequencies.

Now that we have experimented with what we can get out of the modules we look forward to using them in a track!