As each project is unique and requires different approaches we can offer hourly, daily or multiple day rates to suit your needs.

Pre Production

Pre production is a very important part of the overall recording process and something that we value highly. We pride ourselves on getting the exact arrangement of the song and working out the desired sound you want to achieve to ensure the final product reaches its full potential. 

Writing and arrangement credits with Zoe Graham, Fauna and Lemon Drink.


When booking for a day you’ll get 8 hours of tracking time. This time can be spent running takes or experimenting with sounds and ideas. We can adapt the recording sessions to suit your work style and requirements.


The mixing sessions are generally unattended, but we always ask at the end of the recording sessions for any notes from the artist. 


We offer a technical master where we ensure the track is at the correct level for streaming platforms and can deliver the tracks in the desired format (WAV, mp3 etc).

We are very flexible in the way we can work so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to have a chat about your project. Prior to any recording sessions we like to meet up with the artist to discuss their plans and work out how much time should be booked.